Warhammer 40K – The Enemy of My Enemy AAR

The Enemy of My Enemy

Nemesor Sanderis studied the reconnaissance data his scouts had provided.  The arrival of these Chaos Marines at the same time he launched his own assault on this world was fortuitous indeed, forcing the defenders to fight on multiple fronts.  But they must not be allowed to delude themselves into believing themselves his allies (as if he would ever ally himself with such flawed and corrupted creatures).  This world belonged to Sanderis, and if the Chaos Marines harbored any fantasy of sharing in its riches, then they must be disabused.

Sanderis spent a few seconds assessing the thousands of possible courses of action, searching for the optimum strategy.  First, the enemy must be kept off-balance, never knowing who their enemy was or where they would strike next.  Second, they must be guided to where he wanted them, herded like the cattle they were.  Looking at the holographic display, Sanderis quickly identified three pressure points; a series of strikes at these points would force the enemy to move at his direction, like dams altering the flow of a river.  The attacks must be small enough to avoid detection, and there must be no survivors; nothing to reveal too soon the guiding hand behind events.

The irony of the enemies soubriquet did not escape Sanderis’ notice.  Iron Warriors, they called themselves, but iron is brittle; sufficient force applied at the right point could break it like a dry twig, just as these Iron Warriors would break before his invincible Necrons. Let them see what real metal could do.  With a satisfied nod, he issued the interstitial command that would unleash his forces.

 Hallows Rift

Watching from Hyperspace, the 5 Deathmarks observed their target – a patrol of 5 Khorne Berserkers and 5 Chaos Marines – approaching the killing ground.  Choosing the Khorne Berserkers as their prey, the Deathmarks rejoined the 7 Warriors that were supporting them and settled in to wait.

Turn 1

The ambush was triggered by a salvo of long-range fire from the Deathmarks’  synaptic disruptors, killing 3 of the Berserkers before they were even aware of the Necrons’ presence.  The warriors leant their gauss fire targetting the Chaos Marines, but the Marines’ armour was equal to the challenge, and only one of them fell.  Realising their predicament, the surviving Chaos forces surged forward, but were unable to bring their full might to bear, killing only 1 Deathmark with their return fire.

 Turn 2

As their enemies advanced, the Necrons held their ground, the Deathmarks killing the last 2 Berserkers and 1 of the Chaos Marines, whilst the Warriors fire was more wayward, killing only 1 Marine.  With their ranks decimated, the 2 remaining Chaos Marines resigned themselves to dying in the sevice of the Blood God; 1 of them managed to charge in against a Deathmark, whilst the other supported him with bolter fire.  Unfortunately, they were unable to overcome the living metal that formed the Necrons’ carapace.

 Turn 3

The 3 unengaged Deathmarks silenced the bolter of the unengaged Chaos Marine, whilst the Warriors charged in against the lone survivor, swarming over him and tearing him to pieces.  Silence reigned over the killing field.

 Plains of Vordor

As the second patrol of Berserkers and Chaos Marines advanced across open plains, Sanderis knew that surprise was impossible.  Instead he opted for speed and armour, sending a Ghost Ark against them with a detatchment of 6 Warriors mounted in it.

 Turn 1

Knowing that the only real threat to the Ghost Ark came from the Chaos Marine with the meltagun, the Necrons elected to concentrate their fire on this individual.  The open design of the Ark meaning that the Warriors could fire freely without dismounting.  Unfortunately, they were unable to penetrate his power armour, and the Chaos forces advanced, planning to engage the Ark with krak grenades.

 Turn 2

As the Chaos forces advanced, the Ghost Ark fell back, seeking to keep the meltagun out of range, but this precaution proved unnecessary as he fell under their withering volleys.  The remaining Chaos forces, realising that they could not damage the Ghost Ark as long as its quantum shielding was intact, fell back in disarray, but were unable to outrun the skimmer.  One by one they fell, the green discharge of the Necrons’ gauss rifles playing over their shattered forms.

 Pestilence Post

With both Chaos patrols eliminated, all that remained for Sanderis’ plan to succeed was the destruction of a small outpost, guarded by 7 Plague Marines.  Against these, he intended to throw 4 Wraiths.  With their whip coils and particle casters, he was sure that they would be more than a match for these foul mutants.

 Turn 1

The Wraiths swept down on the outpost without warning, catching the Plague Marines completely off-guard.  1 fell to their particle casters, whilst 3 of the Wraiths were able to charge home, killing another 2 Marines in close combat.  The response of the remaining Plague Marines was disjointed, 2 of them electing to shoot, whilst the other 2 charged into close combat.  Unfortunately, their whip coils and ability to phase in and out of this reality made the Wraiths all but invincible; whilst one of them was damaged, another marine fell to their razor-sharp claws.

 Turn 2

The 2 unengaged Wraiths fired their particle casters at the unengaged Marines, but when the shots bounced harmlessly off the enemies power armour, they charged home.  With all 4 Wraiths and the 4 surviving Plague Marines locked in combat, it was only a matter of time before the Necrons prevailed; soon, 3 of the Marines had fallen.

 Turn 3

With only 1 Plague Marine remaining, the 4 Wraiths piled in, tearing him to shreds.  By the time they swept apart, what was left was unrecognisable as ever having been human.


Nemesor Sanderis looked on as the Chaos forces swarmed aimlessly about; was there ever a species more aptly named?  Unable to determine who the enemy was or where they had struck from, they had no way to respond.  Little by little they shifted their forces as he had predicted – spreading out here, concentrating there – soon it would be time for the hammer blow.


Warhammer 40K After Action Report – 01 Vengeance is Mine

Vengeance is Mine Sayeth the Nemesor

Nemesor Sanderis watched the dust cloud raised by the approaching Imperial forces with disdain. These humans were like lizards sunning themselves on the ruins of a great civilization, thinking “what a great basking spot someone has made for me”.  But possession of a thing stolen does not confer ownership – even after a million years or more – and the rightful owners of this world had come home.  These Space Marines thought that they were here in search of vengeance against the Necrons; they did not understand that they were not the teachers here, they were the lesson.  And this lesson would be taught in blood.

Turn 1

As the Space Marines swept forward in the centre, attempting to drive the enemy before them, and scout snipers moved into position in the ruins on their right flank, a drop pod fell to earth on their left flank, disgorging a Dreadnought which scoured the ruins that formed the first objective with its heavy flamers. And yet the Necron warriors defending the objective held firm, soaking up huge volumes of firepower; Even as the stunned Marines looked on, self-repair systems went to work, and piles of smoldering wreckage began to piece themselves back together.

Having endured the opening barrage, the Necrons laid down a withering fire of their own as the Immortals advanced in support of the warriors.  The massed gauss weapons of the warriors, Immortals and Doomsday Ark played over the nearest Dreadnought, severing connections, overloading circuits and seizing joints. With a terrible grinding screech, the mighty behemoth ground to a halt.  Meanwhile, the Doomsday Ark’s cannon wreaked havoc on the advancing forces in the centre, killing several tactical marines and rocking the second Dreadnought. But not for nothing are these walkers feared, and it shrugged off the effects of the blast, forging forward once more.

Turn 2

The assault marines, lead by their Chaplain, continued to push forward against the Necron warriors, supported by the remaining Dreadnought and Razorback, whilst the remnants of the tactical squad attempted to silence the devastating Doomsday Ark.  On the left flank the scouts, now in firing position, began to pick off the advancing Immortals.  But the fickle gods of fate were not with the Marines this day – fire from the tactical squad bounced harmlessly off the Doomsday Ark, and the warriors continued to endure, the assault marines unable to engage them in close combat despite their jump packs.

As the Marines struggled forward, Nemesor Sanderis delivered the coup de grace, his Doom Scythe and Deathmarks both arriving from reserve to lay down a devastating barrage.  Both units targeted the Marine assault squad, whom the Deathmarks had been stalking from their Hyperspace oubliette, tearing into them (with the help of the surviving warriors), killing their Chaplain, and forcing them to fall back. Meanwhile, the Doomsday ark finally found its range against the remaining Dreadnought, and it erupted in a huge explosion.  The Immortals continued to advance, targeting the drop pod, but whilst they damaged it, they were unable to silence its storm bolter.

Turn 3

With their advance in tatters, the remaining Marines resolved to sell their lives dearly, concentrating their fire on the Deathmarks, with the assault squad charging in.  But the Deathmarks proved equal to the challenge, and whilst their numbers were slightly diminished, it was the Marines who got the worst of the combat.  Meanwhile, the scouts continued to thin the ranks of the still-advancing Immortals.

With the threat from the assault Marines all but finished the Necron Doom Scythe swept across the battlefield, using its devastating firepower to finish off the tactical squad and knocking out the main armament of the Razorback.  The warriors contributed their firepower to finish off the stricken vehicle.  Meanwhile, the Doomsday Ark was uncharacteristically inaccurate, missing the scouts with its cannon, whilst its gauss weapons, together with those of the Immortals, were again unable to finish off the drop pod.  In close combat, the Deathmarks killed all but one of the assault Marines for no loss, thus effectively ending the battle.

Turn 4

Alone and unsupported, the scouts decided that discretion was the better part off valor, retreating off-table, whilst the final assault Marine fell and the drop pod was finally overwhelmed.

As the dust settled, Nemesor Sanderis looked out across the wreckage of the Space Marine force and saw that it was good.  The mighty Necron Empire had returned to claim its birthright, and the long road back to greatness had begun.  Here endeth the lesson.