Bolt Action Campaign

Bolt Action Campaign

The Bolt Action campaign will start on the 22nd of April 2015 – more to follow


The invaders have crossed the border with England and are advancing towards Glasgow and Edinburgh. On their left flank the Hoofengub Division has been tasked with taking Ayrshire to clear the way for an attack on Glasgow.

Standing against them are elements of the Kepimoot Division, ready to fight for every inch of Ayrshire.

Attacking, determined to capture Ayrshire at any cost will be:-
Iain with Russians
Russell with USMC
Tom with who knows what, but he does like his Italians does Tom….
Ready to fight to the death in defence are:-
Jasmine with British Paras
Richard C with Commandoes
Stuart with Commandoes

The first battles will see Jasmine defending against Russell while Richard tries to fend off Tom and Stuart attempts to stop Iain’s tide of Russians.